11/9/2016 7:58:57 AM

‘Work hard and remain focused’

‘Work hard and remain focused’

AL SADD captain and ASPIRE Academy Global Ambassador Xavi Hernandez recently gave an inspiring lecture to a group of students and teachers belonging to the Qatar Foundation’s Awsaj Prime project.

Awsaj operates on beliefs and fundamentals of personalised learning. Barcelona great and World Cup winner Xavi motivated the students as he underlined the importance of setting a goal in life and working hard to achieve it.

Importance of staying focused...

Whatever it’s you’ve decided to achieve, be it in sport or in studies, work hard and remain focused on your goals.

Importance of being flexible...

It’s important to be flexible enough to change your routine so as to bring more self-motivation and keep your focus. One, however, needs to do this step by step and shouldn’t make big changes suddenly.

Can one balance sports and other activities?

I always encourage everybody to balance sport with other activities because I believe it’s quite possible. A day is long enough a period to spread out all activities. After all, sportspersons don’t spend 24 hours to train.

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