11/23/2016 7:16:49 AM

We’ll put up amazing show: Al Hitmi

We’ll put up amazing show: Al Hitmi

IT HAS been three years since FIG awarded the 2018 Artistic World Championships to Doha.

Both outgoing FIG president Bruno Grandi and his successor Morinari Watanabe had confidence in Doha’s “capability to execute a world-class event” while Qatar Gymnastics Federation (QGF) President Ali Ahmed Al Hitmi said the country would put up an amazing show. 

“The 2018 World Championships will showcase Qatar in a big way, much as the same way other top international events did in the last few years. I thank FIG for reposing its faith in us. We’ll collaborate with the global governing body to make the championships a big success,” said Al Hitmi. 

Qatar has proposed to organise the event at the Aspire Dome between October 12 and 28, but the dates have yet to be confirmed. 

“We’ve the support from the government and Qatar Olympic Committee. The FIG has also assisted us in the last few years. We’ll work together and do something amazing,” said Al Hitmi, who expressed hope that the event would help the sport gain a firm footing.

“We’ve been able to create a platform for gymnasts through our development programmes, including the World Challenge Cup. The sport is followed enthusiastically at schools,” said Al Hitmi. 

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