8/3/2018 10:04:52 PM

WADA bars Stockholm lab from conducting specific test

WADA bars Stockholm lab from conducting specific test

Montreal, Canada: The World Anti-Doping Agency has partially suspended a laboratory in Stockholm for failing to conform with accepted standards in the conducting of one type of test.

In a statement released on Thursday, WADA said that during the partial suspension the Doping Control Laboratory at the Karolinska University Hospital "can continue carrying out its regular anti-doping activities".

But all routine samples that require Gas chromatography combustion isotope ratio mass spectrometry method of analysis "shall be securely transported with a demonstrable chain of custody to another WADA-accredited laboratory".

The test can be used to detect anabolic agents such as testosterone that have been administered rather than produced by the body.

WADA, which from time to time suspends accredited laboratories that fail to meet established standards, said the suspension would remain in place "pending disciplinary proceedings carried out by an independent Disciplinary Committee".

The committee will be mandated to make a recommendation to the WADA Executive Committee, the entire process aimed at ensuring that the lab's testing method complies with that specified by the International Standard for Laboratories.

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