2/1/2017 8:21:59 AM

Timothy keen on living up to his big surname

Timothy keen on living up to his big surname

WHEREVER he goes, young Timothy listens to comparisons with his father George Weah, the former World Player of the Year from Liberia. But it is something 17-year-old finds joy in as the AC Milan great has been his role model, whose success he wants to emulate.

With PSG, where his father played close to 100 games during his illustrious career, Timothy is fast developing as a striker. He was in Doha with the Parisians for the Al Kass Cup and spoke to Doha Stadium Plus on its sidelines.

What do you feel when you hear comparisons with your dad?

It’s a great feeling as I’m just 16. It still keeps amazing me that I’ve a father who’ve won the Ballon d’Or and has been one of the greatest players. I use it to my advantage. I thank him for everything he has done. 

It doesn’t put pressure on me as I keep playing my game.

What’re your plans?

My main plan obviously is to work hard by always staying humble. Keeping family always in front and playing every game as if it’s my last. My goal is to become one of the greatest footballers.

It’s all up to me, how I work and how I prepare myself for the big stage.

How do you look back at your decision to have joined PSG?

My father made this decision for me. To come to PSG is the best decision for any youth player. If I’m asked an advice about a move to a European club, I would recommend PSG. They take care of me like I’m their child. It’s the best place.

Is your dad your role model?

Of course, my father is my role model. But in the current generation it has to be Neymar. I love his style of play. He’s a humble player even though you hear a lot of things in the media.

He is an icon when it comes to fashion. Personally, I like fashion and the way I dress, I can be compared to him. 

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