11/8/2017 3:50:44 PM

The Ride of Champions will be held on November 24

The Ride of Champions will be held on November 24

Doha: Organised by the Qatar Cyclists and Qatar Foundation, The Ride of Champions will feature amateurs including kids in a one-day competition (November 24) which is aimed to promote a healthy lifestyle.

“We’re proud to host event for the first time with Qatar Cyclists as part of our commitment to promote active and healthy lifestyle in the community,” said Qatar Foundation Community Outreach Director Mohamed Fakhroo.

A total of 70 cyclists have already registered and the number is likely to go up.

“We’re proud to tie-up with the Qatar Foundation. The Ride of Champions is Qatar’s largest mass participation after the Ooredoo Festival. In the first edition, 500 riders have participated while 950 contested in the second,” said Qatar Cyclists President Dr Abdulaziz Al Kuwari.

“We also have weekly events on our calendar with more than 100 Qatari riders. There are also men and women's tours in closed and open areas on some days of the week. The number of Qatari cyclists is on the rise,” he added.

The event, which will start at 6.30am from Qatar Foundation towards Al Shahaniya, will have three different race categories for the seniors while the beginners and new riders will take part in a festival at 9am at Qatar Foundation’s spectacular ceremonial court with a live music, farmer’s market, food stands and bike shops.

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