10/27/2019 7:33:50 PM

Team Al Bidda's Mehdi wins Qatar MTB League

Team Al Bidda

DOHA: Tunisian triathlete Mehdi Mersni of Team Al Bidaa won the Men's Open category in the season-opener MTB XC Race in Al Khor last Friday.  

He is also the overall winner in terms of Fastest Lap and most Laps done for this race.

Consequently, he got the KOM Badge in STRAVA for this route.

Iran riders Mohammed and Taregh Abdolrahman Hermi won the 1st and 2nd place respectively in the Men Under 30 category.

Another first-timer in Qatar’s MTB scene, Cornelis Jan Wouters (Netherlands) won the Men Under
40 category. He got his 2nd podium winning 2nd place for the Torch Stairway Run after the MTB race also.

Rasen Adventure Team Riders, Denrei Catalan of Philippines & Jaco Anderson of South Africa
topped the Masters (40 & Above) & Veterans (50 & above) categories respectively.
Team Bike To Work cyclist Mel Christian De Vera (Philippines) won the 1st Place for Men Novice

With the introduction of additional handicap categories for women, more women participants were seen in action in the mountain bike racing scene.

Former UCI Pro rider Pia Stundstedt (Finland) of Team Rasen Adventure Shop still proves her prowess in mountain bike racing by winning the Open Women category. She also finished with the most laps for women in this race. Rowena Ruiz (Philippines) of Team Doha Chiqlistas won the Women Weekend Warrior category while South African Helena Corby won the Women Novice category.

1 st – MERSNI, Mehdi (Tunisia) Team Al Bidaa
2 nd – BULL, Glenn (Australia) Team Travel-Race.com
3 rd - BUSTOS Del Valle, Andres (Argentina) Team Los Gauchos
1 ST - SUNDSTEDT, Pia (Finland) Team Rasen Adventure Shop
2 nd – AGCAOILI, Allesandra (Philippines) Team El Padyakero
3 rd – AGCAOILI, Katrina (Philippines) Team El Padyakero
1 st – HERMI, Mohamad Abdolrahman (Iran) Team Iran
2 nd – HERMI, Taregh Abdolrahman (Iran) Team Iran
3 rd – PERTUDO, Bobby (Philippines) Team El Padyakero
1 st – WOUTERS, Cornelis Jan (Netherlands)
2 nd – RAMOS, Jeffrey (Philippines) Team El Padyakero
3 rd – BORROMEO, Fritzgerald (Philippines) Team El Padyakero
1 st – CATALAN, Denrei (Philippines) Team Rasen Adventure Shop
2 nd – AGCAOILI, Francis (Philippines) Team El Padyakero
3 rd – ALEGADO, Francis (Philippines)
1 st – ANDERSEN, Jaco (South Africa) Team Rasen Adventure Shop
2 nd – CRUZ, Danilo (Philippines) Team El Padyakero

3 rd – SACLIN, Ronnie (Philippines) Team SMCC Apo Lakay
1 st – Rowena Ruiz (Philippines) Team Doha ChiQlistas
2 nd – ALIWALAS, Charmaine (Philippines) Team El Padyakero
3 rd – WOHLWEND, Charlotte (Switzerland)
1 st – DE VERA, Mel Christian (Philippines) Team Bike To Work
2 nd – RUBIA, Arnel (Philippines) Team Ten-O-Mile
3 rd – ANDRES, Rowell (Philippines) Team Bike To Work
1 st – CORBY, Helena (South Africa)
2 nd – ORAJAY, Mary Grace (Philippines) Team Bike To Work
1 st – PRASETYO, Aditya (Indonesia) Team IFME
2 nd – BIN HASMIN, Muhammad Iman (Malaysia) Team Al Khor Cyclists
3 rd – IHSAN, Ameer (Singapore) Team Harding

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