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Sunderland feels at home in Qatar

Sunderland feels at home in Qatar

SAM Sunderland who, in January, became the first British rider to win the Dakar Rally, is the man in form. The Red Bull KTM Factory Racing rider currently leads the FIM World Cup for Cross-Country Rallies after his win in the last round at Abu Dhabi.

The 27-year-old, who won the 2016 Qatar Cross-Country Rally, spoke about his title defence and spectacular tattoos.

How does it feel being back in Qatar?

I live in Dubai. So it’s very close and I feel at home in Qatar. 

Your thoughts on the rally?

It’s an event I won last year, so I like it. The navigation is important. In some places, it’s difficult to differentiate between the white terrain and stones. So, you’ve to be careful.

What’s special about your tattoos?

It’s a Mexican day of the Death tattoos. It’s in memory of those close people who’ve passed away. I’ve lost a couple of my friends and this is dedicated to them.

How do you unwind?

I like speed diving and sea fishing. At times, I go out for a walk with my dog in the desert. These days, I just relax whenever I get time in between my tight schedule.


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