1/4/2017 7:31:20 AM

Reem ready for the big job

Reem ready  for the big job

Qatar’s Reem Hani Ballan, one of the tournament officials at the World Rapid and Blitz Championships, hoped to get her International Arbiter (IA) norm soon. 

“I had already completed three tournaments. This was the fourth one as required by FIDE to earn an IA title,” said Reem, daughter of Qatar Stars League CEO Hani Taleb Ballan.

Reem, 22, had quit the game three years ago to pursue a course in arbitrating. 

“When I quit playing chess three years ago to become an arbiter, I was a FIDE Master with an Elo rating of 1,714. I had attended a course in Doha last year. As an IA, I’ll get to officiate in more international championships and gain more experience,”
she added. 

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