12/24/2017 6:28:17 PM

Qatar hope to win against Iraq, Bahrain in Gulf Cup

Qatar hope to win against Iraq, Bahrain in Gulf Cup

Kuwait City, Kuwait: Qatar coach Felix Sanchez said his team will go for all-out attack against Iraq and Bahrain in the remaining two preliminary round matches at the Gulf Cup, which started here on Friday.

The defending champions crushed Yemen 4-0 in their opening Group B match on Saturday.

"We got our target (on Saturday). Hopefully we will do the same in the next two matches (against Iraq and Bahrain)," said Sanchez .

Sanchez said his players are in top physical condition, but he will wait for the analytical report before finalising the squad against Iraq on Tuesday.

"First we need to evaluate them. I have to see their physical condition. Iraq is a strong side," he added. "Our target is to be match-competitive. That's the goal for our players, especially the youngsters."

Qatar sideback Abdulkareem Hassan said the young players are getting 'good experience'.

"It is a good experience for all of us but for our young players, the Gulf Cup will be very useful for them," Hassan said.


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