8/22/2016 11:32:27 PM

Qatar champions

Qatar champions

HOSTS Qatar won the Asia Championship Division 3 West Central after beating Lebanon 25-19 in the final at the Aspire Zone last week.

The teams were tied 12-12 at the interval, but Qatar broke free towards the end and won comfortably.

“It’s a great feeling to beat Lebanon in front of home supporters. There was a lot of pressure on us to win, but we turned it into positive energy. Lebanon gave us a tough fight, but we never gave up as we were determined to win,” Qatar captain Tom Weatherstone told Doha Stadium Plus.

Paul Beard, Mathew Uffindall, Malcom Reid and Jamie Frost had a try each while Paul Beard had one conversion and penalty.

For Lebanon, Martin Wahbe had one try while Karim Jammal came up with one conversion and three penalties.

The visitors led 6-0 after 10 minutes, thanks to captain and goal-kicker Karim. However, an infringement by Mohammad Turk saw them being reduced to 14 men and that helped Qatar exert pressure.

Beard pounced on a loose ball and claimed his first try (6-5), but could not convert.

Karim extended a four-point buffer (9-5) midway through the opening half when Qatar infringed in their quarter.

After some neat sets of play and wide passing, Qatar crossed over for their second try, courtesy of Uffindall. Beard’s conversion was successful, giving Qatar the lead (12-9) for the first time.

Qatar continued to display courage and intent, and managed to impose themselves on their opponents even though they had to face stiff resistance. They even committed some forced errors and gave away penalties, allowing Karim to lock the score 12-12 at the break.

The start of  second half was fast and furious, with the visitors scoring their first try through Wahbe while Karim stretched the lead to 19-12. However, the script changed then onwards and it was Qatar all the way.

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