8/19/2019 5:51:53 PM

Qatar Stars League ties up with HMC's Anti-Smoking Center

Qatar Stars League ties up with HMC

DOHA: Qatar Stars League (QSL) has signed a MoU with Hamad Medical Corporation’s (HMC) Anti-Smoking Center for two seasons.

The Anti-Smoking Center, located at Hamad Medical City, collaborates with the World Health Organization (WHO).

The new partnership is part of QSL’s effort to build a strong and constructive partnerships with active community institutions.

“We are delighted to be partners of QSL. We that them for the opportunity to highlight the importance of quitting smoking as it causes long-term adverse effects on physical activity. Smoking can increase cancer, heart and respiratory diseases, and can have long-term damage to those who exercise and physical activity,” said Ahmed Al Mulla, Director of Smoking Control Center at HMC. “With the 2022 FIFA World Cup approaching, this partnership will be able to promote the health benefits to all.”

The cooperation process aims to use all means available at QSL and combat this scourge to promote a healthy and healthy lifestyle through football.

“We would like to express our happiness in cooperation with the Anti-Smoking Center. The center has educational and therapeutic goals, and offers distinctive messages aimed at providing advice and guidance on the damage of smoking,” said QSL CEO Hani Ballan.

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