10/1/2017 2:58:35 PM

QFA, Josoor Institute hold workshop for managers and administrators

QFA, Josoor Institute hold workshop for managers and administrators

Doha: Josoor Institute recently completed the delivery of a bespoke workshop for delegates of the Qatar Football Association (QFA) at the National Team’s offices at Aspire Academy.

The two-day workshop titled ‘Leading the Qatar National Teams towards Excellence’ focused on the Qatar national teams four core values - honour, loyalty, respect and victory.

The workshop, which was led by Neil Doncaster, Chief Executive of the Scottish Professional Football League provided a number of interactive sessions.

Delegates were given team-bonding exercises to spark their creative thinking and problem solving skills. With media interactions (local or international) being a core part of the roles, delegates were also put under the spotlight and provided with challenging scenarios, which they were then asked to dissect and analyse, all while being filmed.

“We are constantly striving to motivate our players on the field, but the only way to achieve success is if everyone on and off the field lives and breathes the same vision. This workshop was a great opportunity to re-align ourselves towards our vision and encourage us to always think out of the box,” said Ahmed Khellil Abbassi, Director of Operations, Qatar National Teams.

“Qatar has a number of talented and competent football managers and administrators, all working towards establishing the fundamental pillars that will help the QFA reach and exceed its objectives. Workshops such as this are a key part of that journey,” he added.

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