6/1/2018 1:30:36 AM

Peru rejoices as Swiss tribunal lifts Guerrero ban for World Cup

Peru rejoices as Swiss tribunal lifts Guerrero ban for World Cup

Lima, Peru: Peru rejoiced Thursday after captain Paolo Guerrero won a last-ditch legal appeal to play at the World Cup despite being suspended for doping.

The decision by Switzerland's highest court sparked scenes of joy thousands of miles away in the Peruvian capital Lima, as well as an outpouring of gratitude from the 34-year-old striker.

"It's a triumph for Peru because we have united our efforts," Peru's President Martin Vizcarra said, before calling Guerrero to congratulate him in person.

"This decision does justice, at least partially, and I thank the Swiss court," Guerrero said on his Facebook page, thanking God, his family, the fans for their "overflowing affection".

Guerrero said he was now going to join the Peruvian squad "and with my teammates, I commit myself to the greatest effort to give greater joys to my country. 

"There are no limits, there are no more impossible dreams, because when we Peruvians unite, everything is possible."

The Swiss federal tribunal, Guerrero's last recourse in a lengthy legal battle, announced it had cleared Guerrero to play, overturning a ruling by the Lausanne-based Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) that saw him suspended for 14 months.

The Swiss federal tribunal effectively "suspended" the CAS ban and said: "Guerrero can now participate at the next World Cup."


- My son's dream come true -


In Lima, dozens of euphoric fans, wearing the national red and white colors and waving Peruvian flags, celebrated outside the house of Guerrero's mother Petronila Gonzales.

"This is the biggest birthday present I've ever had in my life. God is just," she said after celebrating her 68th birthday two days ago. "My son's dream is coming true."

In the city, car horns blared and shouts resounded in the streets from early in the day when radio and television bulletins carried the news from Switzerland.

"This news touches all Peruvians in the heart," said Mayra Carlessi, 30.

"Now yes, the team is complete, and with Paolo we are a completely different side," said taxi driver Orlando Mamani.

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