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Nice to hear my game is attractive

Nice to hear my game is attractive

AGNIESZKA Radwanska was just four when she first picked up a racquet and, since then, the love for tennis has just grown. Nicknamed the ‘Magician’ for playing the most tough shots with ease, the Poland star has been on the Tour for more than a decade.

The 27-year-old, who was in Doha for the Qatar Total Open, spoke about her special shots and new racquet.

You’ve been on the Tour for 11 years. In your mind, how old do you feel? 

It’s hard to say. But mentally, I feel much younger. Physically, I feel much older!

You won the WTA Shot of the Year for four years in a row…

I’m happy to make those shots that people love. When they say my game is attractive, it’s nice to hear that.

You changed racquet recently…

I was really thinking about this for a long time. Around Christmas, I said, yeah, why not? Let’s change something and I did.

Favourite surface?

I prefer the grass court. 

Best actress?

No doubt, Nicole Kidman!


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