11/2/2016 6:49:12 AM

Making the coach a scapegoat won’t improve the situation

Making the coach a scapegoat won’t improve the situation

IS SACKING coach the right solution when a team’s performance dips? I’m raising this question because three Qatar Stars League clubs have already dismissed managers after only five rounds of matches.

Sacking manager isn’t a phenomenon seen only in Qatar. It happens everywhere and, perhaps, in every sport. When cricket-mad India fired its national coach a few years ago, Sanjay Manjrekar, a former player and presently a television commentator, asked, “When the coach doesn’t bat or bowl for the team, how can he be sacked?” He also opined, “In that case, the administrators who appoint them should also be asked to quit.”

I fully agree with Manjrekar and believe that our club officials should also be dealt with in the same fashion as they fail to address the real issues and show their trouble-shooting skills by simply sacking the coach.

Al Shahaniya, Al Ahli and Al Arabi are the three teams who’ve axed their coaches. I don’t think any of them needed to do it so early as they had several positives to take home despite losing some matches. 

But then, both Arabi and Ahli, along with Qatar Sports Club, are infamous for changing managers early on in the season.

I think it’s time club managements started charting long-term plans. They should be more professional while recruiting foreign players. Finding the right person for the right position is very important and merit, only merit, should be the criterion. Greedy agents and in-house intermediaries should be kept at bay and footballers who aren’t willing to come out of their comfort zone should be shown the door.

Any attempt to mask the deficiencies and making the coach a scapegoat won’t improve the situation. 

And those who’ve shown exemplary skills in man-management and succeeded in creating the much-needed camaraderie in the dressing room  should be given longer reigns, so they can translate these positives into good results on the pitch.

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