1/25/2017 7:12:08 AM

‘Invaluable experience for players’

‘Invaluable experience for players’

RENOWNED coach Bora Milutinovic has been a regular presence at the Al Kass International Cup right from its launch, enjoying youngsters’ skills and encouraging them. He described the tournament as an exciting one.

“I’ve been watching this tournament from day one. When you’ve the likes of Bayern Munich, Real Madrid and Paris-Saint Germain playing, the competition is sure to have a high technical level. The excellent facilities at Aspire have also contributed to the event’s standard,” said Milutinovic.

The Serb, who is a consultant for the ASPIRE Academy, said the experience the players took from the tournament was of immense value.

“It doesn’t matter who win, but what is really important is the experience the young players take from this competition. This is one of the exciting age-group tournaments in the world. It also shows how serious Qatar is in its preparations for the World Cup in 2022.

“The young players generally don’t get much chance to travel and play in tournaments like this. People of Qatar had this great idea to invite the promising talents and give them rich experience. The players get a taste of football around the world, which is invaluable,” he said. 

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