9/28/2016 8:08:24 AM

‘I want to fight like Ramos on the field’

‘I want to fight like Ramos on the field’

AHMED Yasser, one of the best centre-backs in Qatar, loves aggression and wants to remain on his toes while he is on the field. Off it, the 22-year-old loves to have fun and enjoy his life.

Ahmed defied his age to perform at the elite level, be it with his club Lekhwiya or the Qatar national team. His unbelievable energy makes him stand out among regional players.

What does life mean to you?

I’m still young, so I want to enjoy life to the core. While I’m on the field, I fight hard. It involves a lot of pressure and concentration. So once I’m off it, I make it a point to unwind myself and relish the beauty of life on earth.

Does that help you recharge yourself before every game?

I think yes. It makes me refreshed. If you ask me, all young players should do that.

Who do you model your style on?

I’m a big, big fan of Barcelona and their playing style, but when it comes to defenders, I rate Sergio Ramos the best. He’s aggressive and has a never-give-up attitude. I always want to fight like him on the field. 

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