1/25/2017 7:12:47 AM

Helping world unite through the game

Helping world unite through the game

AL KASS International Cup Organising Committee Chairman Issa Al Hitmi said the event, besides providing a great opportunity for young players to show their mettle, also helps them develop tolerance and cultural understanding.

“The Al Kass Cup is a unique offering to the world of football. It not only provides some of the world’s top talents with a superb opportunity to demonstrate their skills, but also promotes tolerance and cultural understanding as we help unite the world through the game,” said Al Hitmi.

The official said the tournament should help the competing clubs build a strong relationship with Qatar.

“In addition to providing great football, Al Kass Cup has many benefits locally and beyond. As Qatar prepares to host the FIFA World Cup in 2022, we hope this tournament will enable participating clubs to build a lasting relationship with our country,” he said.

“Qatar focuses on developing world-class teams. We also try to build a legacy and pass it on to future generations. Doha is establishing itself as one of the leading sports capitals of the world. Hosting this tournament only confirms our nation’s capabilities in staging major international sports events and underlines our love for the beautiful game,” said Al Hitmi. DSP

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