3/22/2017 7:53:10 AM

Experience very vital in MotoGP

Experience very vital in MotoGP

HONDA rider Dani Pedrosa will be lining up on the grid for the 12th consecutive year when the MotoGP season begins in Qatar on Sunday. 

The 31-year-old, who has won at least one race in the past 11 years, speaks about his goals for the season and team-mate Marc Marquez.

Your thoughts on the new season…

‘Excited’ would be the word! I’m looking forward to it with a lot of enthusiasm. The main objective is to come out with the best.

Is the level of enthusiasm the same as 11 years ago?

It isn’t like it was when I was young. But in the end, I’m still sticking to basics, which is to go to the races, get on a bike and focus as much as possible.

What’ve you observed about Marc Marquez after sharing paddock with him for four years?

Many things, for sure. I’m very watchful, but I’ll keep that to myself!

How enjoyable is life in MotoGP?

It isn’t always easy to find fun. Even if you’re living your childhood dream, all moments aren’t the happiest. You’ve to adjust and experience plays a major role.

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