11/11/2019 12:35:56 PM

Doha Golf Club, Education City Golf Club to host Fedex Cup Series

Doha Golf Club, Education City Golf Club to host Fedex Cup Series

DOHA: The Fedex Cup Series, a spin off event from the PGA Tour, will commence this month in Qatar.

The event will be held at the two championship golf courses in Qatar – Doha Golf Club and Education City Golf Club.

The tournament series will span a period of 7 months and will be open to members of the golf clubs.

The participants will have the opportunity to accumulate points each month with the series that will see 15 players from Doha Golf Club and 15 Players from Education City golf club participate in the Fedex Cup Series Final to be held in May 2020.

This is the first time such an event has occurred in Doha for amateur golfers competing over the two golf courses.

Michael Braidwood General Manager of Education City Golf Club stated, “The Fedex Cup Series for Qatar will be a highlight in the tournament calendar for members of both clubs.”

Qualifying criteria for playoffs

For those looking to participate in the Fedex Cup series, golfers must be a member of either Doha Golf Club or Education City Golf Club with a valid handicap to participate.

Points will be accumulated each month at the players home club with double points available in the final event.

Gary McGlinchey General Manager of Doha Golf Club commented “Since Doha Golf Club has been open since 1998, this is the first time an event of this magnitude will take place over 2 courses in Qatar."

Qualifying dates

The season structure will be formulated between the two golf clubs with rotating monthly qualifiers.

Through the season players earn points in each event they play, the goal is to be among the top15 to progress to the finals.

The tournaments will be conducted over the clubs as follows: 8th November – Education City Golf Club; 22nd November - Doha Golf Club; 6th December – Education City Golf Club; 10th January - Doha Golf Club; 7th February - Education City Golf Club; 13th March – Doha Golf Club; 3rd April – Education City Golf Club; 17th April – Doha Golf Club; FedEx Final – 29th May – Education City Golf Club – Round 1; FedEx Final – 30th May – Doha Golf Club – Round 2.

The Playoffs

The top 15 players from Doha Golf Club and Education City Golf Club will progress to the playoffs being held on the 29th and 30th May 2020.

With 2 rounds of golf over both Championship Courses the Fedex Cup Series Champion will be decided.

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