12/7/2016 7:53:02 AM

Dein for outside timekeepers

Dein for outside timekeepers

DAVID Dein, who is all for adding more technology to the game, wants to have independent timekeeper as he feels the referees are too busy during the game.

“A referee is the busiest man on the pitch and he needs some help, especially when it comes to calculating the additional time,” said former Arsenal and English FA vice-chairman Dein, who successfully campaigned for vanishing foam for referees and goalline technology.

“There’re 18 elite referees in the Premier League. I’ve spoken to some of them privately. I asked them ‘are you accurate down to the last 20 seconds?’ They said ‘difficult, little bit guess work sometimes’.

“You know in a Champions League game, it took Barcelona only 16 seconds to score against Arsenal off a counter-attack,” said the 73-year-old, implying that even a few seconds are crucial in tight matches.

Dein said he was optimistic about bringing about the change as there were new men at the helm of FIFA and UEFA.

“More and more people are talking about independent timekeepers. Once it gets on FIFA’s agenda, then you’ve an opportunity to change things. Most of the referees are quite happy to take  that responsibility away from them,” added Dein. 

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