4/26/2017 8:03:53 AM

‘Cross-country my first love’

‘Cross-country my first love’

THE only Polish quad bike rider to win a Dakar Rally, Rafal Sonik wears different hats including that of an entrepreneur and philanthropist. 

Last week, the 50-year-old won the Qatar Cross-Country Rally for the fourth time despite having a broken suspension. The four-time World Cup winner, who is nicknamed ‘Super Sonik’, spoke about rallying and his favourite pastimes.

How did the rally in Qatar go?

It was an adventurous one. I had problems with my suspension arm and almost lost a wheel in the penultimate stage. The last 30 miles of dunes were fantastic! I’ve won four times here now, but this is quite an emotional one for sure. 

The next round is only in August. What’ll you do during the break?

I’ve been an entrepreneur since childhood. I’m involved in campaigns related to cultural and ecological projects. Back home in Krakow, I help the underprivileged children in honing their educational and social development skills. 

What’re your favourite pastimes?

I’m an avid skier. I like tennis, windsurfing and aviation. But quads and cross-country rallies have always been my first love.


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