1/11/2017 7:19:21 AM

‘Attack important than ball possession for Ancelotti’

‘Attack important than ball possession for Ancelotti’

Italian Carlo Ancelotti is one of the top coaches in the world, said Bayern striker Robert Lewandowski.

“Though it’s hard to rank the coaches in the 1-2-3 order, because they all have different styles and approaches, Ancelotti is among the very best,” said Lewandowski during Bayern’s winter camp in Doha. “What I find most impressive about him is his liking for attacking play. For him, offensive play is more important than ball possession.”

Lewandowski hoped the camp would help Bayern prepare well for the crucial second half of the season.

“The summer and winter training camps are very different from one another,” said the Poland international. “The summer pre-season was very short for many players (due to Euro and Copa America Championships) and we couldn’t fully prepare. Now we’ve a lot more time to improve tactically and physically, so I’m hoping the second half will go much better for us.”

Lewandowski believes the side is looking better than they did in the summer. “We had a weak spell during the first half of the season, but that’s normal after a European Championship. A lot of us had a long season, so the pre-season was short. But now we’re working very well and will play much, much better in the second half of the season.” DSP

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