5/17/2017 7:13:55 AM

Aspire boys star at life skills tourney

Aspire boys star at life skills tourney

ASPIRE boys won the Fourth Life Skills Competition organised by the academy at its dome last week. Six independent and private schools competed in the event.

The annual competition, organised by Aspire’s Leadership Department, is a part of its Ehteraf programme, which means ‘becoming a pro’ in Arabic.

It is an initiative that teaches young children valuable life skills such as responsibility, respect for others, time management, teamwork and goal setting. The boys engaged in several sports activities that tested their teamwork and decision-making abilities.

ASPIRE Academy Education and Student Care Director Badr  Al Hay said, “We thank all schools that took part in the competition. With this initiative, we hope to inspire not only our academy’s students, but all young people in Qatar.” 

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