6/9/2018 5:46:32 PM

Aspetar’s ‘Healthy Ramadan’ campaign generates excitement among social media users

Aspetar’s ‘Healthy Ramadan’ campaign generates excitement among social media users

Doha, Qatar: Since its inception a few weeks ago, the ‘Healthy Ramadan’ interactive social media campaign, launched by Aspetar, Qatar’s orthopaedic and sports medicine hospital, has generated great engagement among avid social media users in the local and regional community.

After 14 days, the campaign reached more than 1.2 million, and recorded more than 500,000 video views and 37 thousand engagements across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

The campaign, which runs until the end of Ramadan next week, seeks to increase awareness about the importance of adopting an active and healthy lifestyle during the Holy month, promoting physical activity among community members in Qatar, professionals and recreational athletes alike.

Videos offering tips on nutrition, physical activity, oral health are being regularly shared via Aspetar’s official social media channels including Instagram and Facebook’s “Story” feature as well as the hospital’s official YouTube channel.

Speaking about the success of the campaign, Nawaf Al Awajan, Marketing and Communications Director at Aspetar, said: “We chose to use social media channels as a medium for our Ramadan campaign to reach as many members of the audience as possible.  by developing an effective communication campaign that seeks to educate them about maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle in Ramadan. The campaign utilises creative and interactive approaches in order to engage community members and ensure the message is delivered smoothly and effectively, in line with our vision to be a global leader in sports medicine and exercise science by 2020.”

The Stories and video series will be available through Aspetar’s YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram channels. The campaign follows the success of Aspetar’s innovative awareness initiatives such as ‘Ask the Doctor’ and ‘Beat the Heat’, which aim to promote healthy living among recreational and professional athletes alike.

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