2/18/2018 4:41:10 PM

Alone, A Run Around Qatar

Alone, A Run Around Qatar

Doha: Alone, A Run Around Qatar (#RunAroundQatar) started on Sunday with Qatari Resident Pierre Daniel setting off on the run to show residents and nationals the power of the human spirit, raise awareness of the country’s natural beauty and promote healthy living. Pierre was wished well by family, friends and sponsors and staff at Katara.

Pierre is running the Challenge, which includes an official world record attempt is presented by MBM Transport and with key partners Katara and Aspire, out of his combined love for adventure and the state of Qatar which he has called home for over a decade.

During the course of next seven days, Pierre will circumnavigate Qatar’s border covering over 439 kilometers on foot. During which, on days three to five, Pierre will attempt to set a new official world record for the fastest run North to South in Qatar. Pierre will be undertaking the challenge alone, receiving no assistance from his support team, who will only be capturing key moments of the run to share the challenge with the public.

Pierre is carrying all his clothing and necessary supplies. However, he must source his water along the way, either from farms or local population he passes, with distances as far as 50km to travel from one water source to another. His entire equipment and food supply for the challenge weighs only 7.515kg (without water) but he will carry at times an additional 10kg of water. During the next 7 days, supporters can follow Pierre via a unique tracking portal developed by Aspire Zone’s IT team, which will show live tracking of Pierre’s progress including distance covered, speed, heart rate and more at https://alone.aspirezone.qa.

Pierre said; ‘I’m very excited to finally take the start of what will be without a doubt a memorable experience. It has been a lot of work to put everything in place but I am so glad to be able to share this moment with people.

“Today will be a bit of a test day. I am going to take it very easy and finishing strong for the rest of the week. I know that the real tough challenge will start on Day three with the 110km that starts the record attempt and that is why I will use the first two days to adapt and warm up into it. I will try to take the time to enjoy every minute of it,” he added.

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