11/27/2017 5:29:50 PM

Advani wins world snooker title

Advani wins world snooker title

Doha: India’s Pankaj Advani blew away Iran’s  Amir Sarkhosh 8-2 to win the World Snooker Championship at Al Arabi Sports Club in Doha on Monday.

Advani, who won the billiards title at the same venue a fortnight ago, had to face a tough challenge for the Austrian teenager Florian Nuble in the semifinals on Sunday before surviving 7-4, but the final was a totally different story.

Sarkhosh was the faster off the blocks, winning the first frame 71-19, but Advani pocketed the next four 79-53, 98-23, 69-62, 6-5 to have a firm grip on the proceedings.

Though Sarkhosh then produced 134-point break to win the sixth frame, Advani then finished off the match winning the next four games 75-7, 103-4, 77-13, 67-47 for his 18th world title.

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