11/9/2016 7:58:03 AM

‘Absolute honour to work on Kun Riyadi project’

‘Absolute honour to work on Kun Riyadi project’

ASPIRE Academy Director General Ivan Bravo believes the Kun Riyadi project is the beginning of ‘something transformational’ for sports in the country. 

While calling it an ‘absolute honour’ to work on the project which took four years to evolve, Bravo said a good beginning had been made.

“It was a massive task that started around four years ago. It was an incredibly exciting as well as a demanding project. A huge responsibility was thrust on our shoulders,” Bravo recalled.

“The Qatar Olympic Committee asked us for help and we chipped in. We had the resources, more than that all of us had the passion and lots of energy as well. This is something which the country could be really proud of,” he added.

Bravo said his team was game for all challenges including surviving the test of time and adapting to the realities.

“We had to compare with other models and come up with the best practices and cater to them. We made sure that we covered all the bases,” he added.

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