3/15/2017 7:24:50 AM

AIBA in partnership with WBA

AIBA in partnership with WBA

The World Boxing Association (WBA) and international boxing association (AIBA) entered into a major strategic partnership to establish common goals on the sport’s future.

AIBA President Dr Ching-Kuo Wu and his WBA counterpart Gilberto Mendoza held discussions last week, with a view to seize greater opportunities in the sport.

“This was an important moment for both organisations with shared principles and goals on many subjects. AIBA has well-established education programmes and research to share with the boxing world. We’ll also continue to expand our own professional competitions and can work with WBA to explore new markets,” said Dr Ching-Kuo.

AIBA, an amateur body which serves as the sport’s Olympic federation, had been at loggerheads with the professional side. 

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